We strongly believe that infrastructure is the bed rock for economic development. As such, we have adopted sector-specific real estate infrastructure development model to cut across five (5) key sectors driving the economies of various countries, modern Africa and other emerging markets across the globe.

  1. Housing Infrastructure:  Our housing estates are designed to provide standard housing for all and sundry from across societal social strata, giving the best in comfort, luxury and desired social status.  Our top-notch design, development and management services leave our clients with Midas touch in aesthetics and functionality.


  1. Agro-allied Infrastructure: At Kinest, we have identified with agriculture; the most ancient practice of mankind that has never lost relevance through his age-long existence. We are changing the narrative in agriculture across emerging economies by developing state of-the-art agro-allied real estate infrastructures. Our top-notch farm designs are developed to provide requisite comfort for farmers to boost food productivity for all and sundry in a fast paced digital world.


  1. Healthcare Infrastructure: At Kinest Lands and Properties Limited, we collaborate with healthcare service providers in developing the best in real estate infrastructure required for state of-the-art healthcare delivery.  We are contributing our quota in developing healthcare specific real estate infrastructure making it the very best; which it ought to be. We are running with the vision to bring standard health care infrastructure closer to all.


  1. Transport Infrastructure: We are creating new narratives in transportation by harnessing the role of standard real estate infrastructure in efficient transportation. We are working with stakeholders in this sector to provide the best in real estate infrastructure for the transportation sector.


  1. Tech Infrastructure: We are working round the clock to bridge the existing deficit in accommodation for the booming tech industry. We develop state of-the-art infrastructures that befit the status of start-ups and established tech companies. With every step across the value chain in mind ranging from manufacturing, exhibition, training, sales and repairs of Information and Communication Technology products in a fast growing ICT world.


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