Responsibility Strengthens Talent 

Responsibility Strengthens Talent 

I am a strong advocate of breaking boundaries and daring status quo; poking today to create a better tomorrow. This has fueled human advancement through out history. It makes life worth living!

Responsibility as a word splits into two words; response and ability to give it the best of application it deserves - strengthening talent.

Ability; the quality or state of being able has hampered most people from scaling a lot of heights. It has turned supposed doers and players into bystanders and spectators in a world of cut-throat competition.

Many things in life affect ones ability. From gene of conception to environment of birth and rear. Some are born with physical disabilities, others are disabled by their environment and sadly many others disable themselves!

This past week I came in contact with the story of Agabi Oshirenonya; the Nigerian born Neuroscientist and Engineer who founded Koniku in 2015 after his PhD in Imperial College, London.

Koniku; a tech company using synthetic neurobiology and technology to produce a machine (computer) whose functions mimics the biological brain.

According to Quartz Africa "Its biggest invention so far has been Koniku Kore, a modem-sized device that uses mice neurons to sniff out explosives and detect diseased cells".

Agabi is using his knowledge of neurobiology and technology (#ability) to address global challenges like terrorism and cancer (#response)

I join voice with other Africans and the rest of the world, in Warri parlance I'm saying;

"Senior Bros, u try!"

Dear Youths of my generation, what are you doing with your talent? 
Everyone including you have something you can do to make our world better. If you don't know for now, please find it!

When you have found it, using it to impact our world strengthens it the more. Remember the same time and effort it takes to think and do evil is what it takes to think and do good!

Dear Oga and Madam, whatever leadership office you are occupying remember to use your ability to respond to the need of the people, choose impact over instant gratification!

Reflection: As the flood recedes in some parts of Nigeria and is descending down the course of the river Niger and pluvial flooding occurrences as it rains in some areas in the hinterland. Let's keep remembering our affected brothers and sisters. We can reach out to them with our time and resources by partnering with relevant NGO's and Government Agencies. That food and used clothes of yours is useful!

As a way of prevention, let's avoid clogging our water ways and contribute our quota in the fight against climate change and global warming.

To be continued....

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  1. john Oct 09, 2018 3.08am

    That was gr8t a motivational text

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