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Nigeria Property Management FAQ's

Why do I need a property management company?

If this property management company was not proven to be a crucial need, there would have been no reason to find it in the first place. A successful businessman, by definition, is the one who has his hand in every investment he owns but his head only in planning new ones.

In other words, when it comes to all hectic detailed issues of managing a property; whether it is maintaining it, finding tenants, money collection and whatever logistics, a successful businessman would certainly prefer these done by those specialists with a minimal percentages in return. In contrast, he would busy himself in creating new investments that would return him tens and hundreds as compared to that minimal service costs.

In all, time is money and money is honey. Every successful investor understands this simple formula and would be never reluctant to pay specialists save his time, knowing in advance that this time would be invested in creating new assets.

How long will it take to get a tenant for my property?

The simplest answer on this question is your own one. We guarantee our quality property exposure in the market, the best agents letting your property; but these facts are to be mingled with your own choices of the best property to be owned and the price you ask for its rental in return. On the other hand, there is no doubt that Nigeria is a huge growing market with a parallel growing demand. One least fact to mention is that Nigeria receives daily in peak time no less than 180,000 passengers through its airport.

What happens if my tenant does not pay rent?

The laws of Nigeria are so straight and strict regarding this issue. A legal procedure is set in advance by Nigeria RERA and EJARI departments to face these situations. It is our responsibility, if chosen by the owner, to monitor the tenant's payments. If he is 3 days late after the deadline, we contact him via phone, sms and email. If we receive no response till day 14 after the deadline, legal procedures are undertaken in coordination with you to deal it out. After all, it is our duty to minimize any possible loss and deal with it on the spot.

Is an agent's location vital to their ability manage my property?

Agent's location has nothing to do with property management in no means. We are subscribed to online property networking where we receive almost 100% of tenants' inquiry and determine current rental prices in a selected area.

Do I need a landlord's insurance?

We strongly recommend undertaking this simple and non-costly procedure for every property owned.

How can I switch to Kinest Properties if it is currently managed by another agency?

If u feel unsatisfied from the agency managing your property currently and want to switch to Kinest Properties, all you need is to confirm your decision and contact us. Other following steps would be preceded by us, without affecting your current property's status if it is leased or tenanted.

What information do you need from me in order to manage my property?

In order for Kinest Properties to manage your property, the following documents should be provided to property management department:

  • Signed property management contract
  • Property management fees
  • A copy of Title Deed
  • A copy of your passport
  • Property floor plan
  • Signed and legalized Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Owner's contact details, including emails, mobile number, telephone number, fax number and address
  • Receipt of last payment to HOA
  • Proof of DEWA registration
  • Petty cash float
  • Local bank account details

Whom tenants call when they have any repairs?

Tenants are directed to contact directly with property administrator at Kinest Properties. He will proceed with the tenant and resolve the issue keeping the tenant satisfied. The tenants are generally responsible to pay up to 10,000 Naira repairs. Anything above that mentioned value is the owner's responsibility. We will contact with you directly in case that happened to confirm your approval for anything that is your obligation.

Do I need to sign new property management contract and Power of Attorney every time I get a new tenant or if I leave the property vacant for too long?

As long as the ownership details are not changed, there is no need to provide new documents. However, POA may need to be renewed every 3 years.

How do u handle maintenance requests?

Tenants are directed to contact us on the spot via phone, email or simply by filling the online form to generate service/ticketing. After we receive the repair request, the property administrator contacts the tenant and make sure about the nature of the problem before sending the technical team. After determining that it is a legitimate problem, the technical team is sent to fix it out.

The timeline to deal with technical problems ranges between 1-3 working days, air conditioning and water heaters are given the priority and get attended in one business day.

Why should I hire you as my property management company?

Kinest Properties provides you all the freedom of choice to make your life easier with what we offer. Quality service backed up with professional and honest customer care is our virtue, test it to prove it.

Can you put my rental proceeds directly into my checking account?

Yes certainly, we will deposit rental cheques directly into your account and send statements to you on a regular basis regarding financial issues. If you do not have a local bank account, we provide a money transfer service, a minimal fee is charged for this service.

Are your property management fees negotiable?

Our property management fees are well examined and prove to be very competitive. In return, this reduced cost means not that our services to be discarded. We continue to deliver finest services in the market with the most competitive prices.

What to look for in a property manager?

Property manager is a full package of service provider ranging from maintenance, leasing, collecting, marketing, advertising, tenant relation, financial analysis and knowledge of local news. Hence, a property manager is more likely property Management Corporation, and Real Estate Management Corporation is Kinest Properties.

What kind of properties do you manage?

Nigeria real estate is our niche; hence it is our profession to properly manage any category that fits in that huge title "Nigeria Real Estate".


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